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Men in Black: International - Weapons

The MIB weapons while following the lineage of the previous movies were required to not only look like the latest generation but also have a new style, one that reflected the European/English setting of this film. The production designer Charlie Wood focused initially the curved lines of classical art deco vehicles and appliances, this combined with the earlier film designs began to produce some very elegant refined looking designs. As the project developed a modern 'street" influence feed into the designs and produced the look of the final MIB weapons. The alien weapons followed a much more eclectic process, where quirky was the order of the day.

The challenge on this project was to stay true to the look and feel of the previous films but also find twist that gave the designs a feeling they were produced outside of the US MIB branch.

Weta workshop design studio 047 a plasmatommy jh

Plasma Tommy Gun - Artist: Jared Haley

Weta workshop design studio 017 abbeyroadguns06

Vapid Spinner - Artists: Ben Wootten

Weta workshop design studio 043 ar pistol 02 to

Pistol - Artist: Thomas Oates

Weta workshop design studio 0836 abyrd gun 8 1flat aa

SMG - Artist: Adam Anderson

Weta workshop design studio 266 abyrd gun 3 4 flat aa

Energy Flechette - Artists: Adam Anderson + Jack Taylor

Weta workshop design studio 030 ar handgun01 rs v2

Handgun - Artist: Ryan Serrano

Weta workshop design studio 021 abbeyroadguns04

Singularity Cannon - Artist: Ben Wootten

Weta workshop design studio 0523 abyrd gun 6flat aa

Handgun - Artist: Adam Anderson

Weta workshop design studio 37a v1 ar handgunartwork rs

Handgun - Artists: William Bennett + Ryan Serrano